Connecting the World with the Otherworldly


Connecting the World with the Otherworldly


Love donation Giveaway!

Help us save our home.



Greetings to you!!

Thank you for joining our Journey
We are offering a Love donation Giveaway from June 7th, 2019 to June 24, 2019.  I will hand pick the winners LIVE on my Facebook page at 6 PM MST on June 24, 2019!!

We are currently in a battle to save our home from wrongful foreclosure. I have talked to a few lawyers and they all say the same thing.  In order to save our home we need to reinstate the loan.  I have been working with the mortgage company, but they are dragging their feet and they have scheduled our home to be sold on June 27th!! So, we are taking matters into our own hands.  Please join us and become one of our spiritual warriors!!  We can do this! 
PayPal Love Donation.

1st Prize:  60 minute Reading once a month for one full year from Yvette Wolff ($720 value)

2nd Prize:  60 minute reading for 6 months from Yvette Wolff! ($360 value)

3rd Prize:  6" witchball ($35 value)*
4th Prize:  4" witchball ($25 value')*
Donation:  $10 for one chance
                  $20 for three chances

How to Enter:  Click on the Paypal link and chose which option you would like. $10 for one or $20 for three.  Pay with a debit or credit card.  Then text your email address to me at  480-786-3848 and I will send you a video of me putting your entry into a locked box for the drawing.
 We also have a Go Fund Me Page and are conducting fund raising sales in our neighborhood.  It's been a great clearing experience! Please donate and share to your social media! Every donation counts.  Even $5 means the world to us! 

 Thank you with all my heart for your support!  Blessings and much love to you!

PayPal Love Donation

What are Witchballs?


Witchballs came about during the 17th Century.  They have evolved into these beautiful, brightly colored, heavy, hollow glass balls with strands of glass running through them. Their purpose is to capture and hold on to any negative energy that may be in your environment.  The energy if attracted to the bright colors of the ball.  When it gets close to the ball, the ball engulfs the negative energy where it is trapped and confused by the strands of glass inside.  To cleanse the ball you use a mixture of white vinegar and purified water for the outside.  It's recommended to set the ball on or next to a Selenite crystal (selenite turns negative energy into positive energy) and also use white sage to purify the inside of the ball. 

**The witchballs pictured are not the ones selected for the drawing.  YOU get to select the one you want!  I will video call you or send you pictures of the ones you can chose from.  Whichever you would like for me to do. I am including one of my handmade sage wands as well.

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